Make Life Easier in 2015 With These Home Theater Features

Home Theater Features

The New Year is here and with that comes many resolutions and goals! One resolution that is seen quite often is the goal to make the home a happier, more relaxing place. Home theater technology can make this happen! Home theater features come with many distinct benefits that can help you achieve this goal by simply making your life easier, less stressful, and by creating a home theater atmosphere that is more enjoyable than ever. Here are three home theater features that will help to make life easier in 2015!

4K Sony Projector

Every home theater needs a projector. If you have a home theater, or are thinking about putting one into your home this year, then you should take a long look at the Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector. This projector is one of the best projectors on the market and will enhance the movie viewing experience every time you step into the room. This projector has resolution that is more than four times that of 1080p HD, can fit onto screens up to 200″, and even contains 3D features to make certain movies come to life more than ever!

Integra Receiver

Similar to projectors, in order to have the best possible home theater, you need to have a quality receiver. The Integra DTR-70.6 receiver is made to outperform other receivers on the market. Through special features such as 3D readiness and Dolby Atmos sound capabilities, the DTR-70.6 will provide an atmosphere unlike any other in your theater room. However, home theater abilities are not the only thing that the Integra receiver can do. The DTR-70.6 also comes with audio benefits such as Pandora Radio, Spotify, and Sirius XM.

Paradigm In-Ceiling Sleek Bezel Speakers

Most people like in-ceiling speakers because they provide a more complete audio experience without being extremely noticeable. Paradigm realizes that the less noticeable the in-ceiling speaker, the better. With Paradigm’s new version of their in-ceiling sleek bezel speakers, they did not only improve the aesthetic side of the speaker, but also the performance. These speakers have double the power than ever before along with a new motor to help with even better audio clarity. With this, these Paradigm speakers will be able to play louder than ever at the best possible quality. Don’t have a home theater waiting for these speakers to be installed into? It doesn’t matter! These speakers are perfect in any room of the house that you would like. ¬† Home theater technology continues to develop and in this new year of 2015, these features, along with others, are available to help make your home theater the easiest-to-operate and best sounding theater in the neighborhood! Are you interested in learning more about any of these home theater features? Connect with us today on Facebook or Twitter and we will help answer any questions that you may have!

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