4 Best Motorized Shade Systems

motorized shade systems

When thinking about updating the shades at your home from normal shades to motorized shades, you are going to have plenty of decisions to make. Which style will fit your home the best? Which color is going to look the best in each room? Should you get your shades “blacked out” to enhance security, or just choose normal color tones? All in all, there is a little more to the process than you may think, solely to be able to customize to your preferences. In order to simplify the process a little bit, here are the four best motorized shade system styles


  • Roller Shades

One of the biggest benefits about the roller shades systems is how quite and basic they are. These shades are generally made of thinner fabric and give a sophisticated, yet simplified feel to your room. Roller shade systems are also very useful for floor to ceiling windows, as they can easily cover the space.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shade systems are great for areas of the home that generally receive more sunlight. These shades do a great job of blocking out the sun and keeping your room cooler. Not only do they help with keeping the sun out, but they are also effective at being a decorative piece to the room because of their elegant look.

  • Skylight Shades

Motorized skylight shade systems are very beneficial when dealing with skylight windows. In general, these windows can be very difficult to get to in order to open and close shades, which is all the more reason why having them be motorized is a great option.

  • Draper Tracks

If you want to add a more classic and traditional feel to your home, then draper tracks are perfect for you. They add a dimension of softness that other shade styles cannot bring. Draper tracks can generally come compatible for curved tracks, straight tracks, or track splicing.


The next time that you are faced with decision about which type of motorized shade system to install into your home, take a look at these four options! We would love to hear about your experiences with any of these types of shade systems. Let us know your stories in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter!

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