5 Ways to Make Your Home Theater More Like a Real Theater

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The best part about a home theater is the experience that occurs whenever you watch a film. One way to enhance this experience is to create similarities between your home theater and real public theaters. These similarities can bring a feel to your theater that people usually have to pay 10 dollars for. Here are five ways to make your home theater more like a real theater.

Lighting Control

Every time that you walk into a public theater before a film starts, it is somewhat light. As the movie begins, the lighting dims and the focus is solely on the screen. Your theater should be no different! Lighting control is easy to operate is essential towards enhancing the experience of your theater



Have you ever been sitting in a movie at a public theater and heard something from another theater or from the hallways? Yeah, didn’t think so. Soundproofing your theater is vital towards creating the public theater feel at home.


Quality Surround Sound

Many people believe that the sound system aspect of your theater is one of the ways to save a little bit of money. This is not a good idea! Installing a quality surround sound system is a very effective way of reaching the maximum potential of your home theater room.


Comfortable Seating

Let’s face it; not every public theater has comfortable seating. However, this is a great way to set your theater apart from the rest. Comfortable chairs that are large and relaxing is a great way to get people to come back for another movie at your home theater.



Who doesn’t enjoy eating snacks at a movie? We suggest that you purchase a popcorn machine or maybe a soda dispenser to add a little extra flare to your theater. These extra features can go a long way in creating a real theater feel.

All home theaters are different. If you want yours to separate itself from all of the others, then a great way to do so is by making it feel as if it is a public theater. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to doing so. Do you have any questions about these tips? Let us know in the comments below, or via Facebook or Twitter and we can answer them for you!

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Doug Greenwald founded Creative Sound and Integration with his business partner Ed Moreeau in 2001. Since then Creative Sound and Integration has been a leader in the home automation industry providing their customers with superior technology and customer service.