Apple iPad vs. iPad Mini

The Apple brand has become a house hold name and their high tech gadgets have even become a necessity in the home automation industry. For many homeowners it’s a means of controlling their home with a press of a button.  With that said, we find it interesting that with the release of the new iPad Mini, the original iPad production has decreased significantly.

It’s still unclear if the release of the iPad Mini directly caused the slow production for the original iPad however it is safe to assume with the following statistic. Analyst estimate that Apples sold between 19 million and 30 million iPads in its fiscal first quarter, analysts are predicting a drop off in fiscal in quarter two for as much as 40%. This leads many to believe consumers are opting for the more affordable version, the iPad Mini.

Despite the gloomy outlook, experts are predicting Apple’s Q1 earnings to possibly be its best ever. Regardless of which Apple gadget you choose, our home automation systems are compatible with all of your favorite tablet and smartphone devices.

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