Three Factors That Go Into Audio Video Design

audio video design

Audio video design should be customized for each and every project. While similar equipment is often used from project to project, the best way to provide ultimate satisfaction to any audio video consumer is by catering their system specifically to their needs and desires. Custom audio video design gives customers knowledge that the time and effort was put in towards making their system fit perfectly with their home. Here are three of the main factors that go into customized audio video system design!

Number of Rooms

One of the first thing that the audio integrators have to look at when creating an audio video design is the layout of the house. Additionally, they need to find out from the homeowners whether or not they want this new system to be wired through every room in the house, or only specific rooms. This will allow for the installer to have an idea of which type of equipment will work best for that exact project. Looking at the layout of the house will also give the expert a chance to start thinking about the ways that the system will be synchronized.


Single vs. Multi-source

Arguably the most important choice that the homeowner has to make is whether their new audio video system will be single-source or multi-source. This is important for the A/V expert to know when developing the audio video design because it will directly affect which kinds of equipment can or cannot be used on the project. Single-source systems allow homeowners to listen to the same music throughout the entire home, while multi-source systems have an ability to play different music in different rooms at the same time.


Creative Thinking

Lastly, the audio video design expert has the responsibility to be as creative as possible in order to make the system look well in the home. Some homeowners want people to see their new A/V system, while others would like for it to be hidden. Depending on what the consumer wants, the audio video designer can utilize equipment such as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers to allow for the system to blend in.


Proper audio video design is essential in creating a system that is customized for each distinct customer. When the correct steps are taken, the design can result in an audio video system that the homeowner instantly falls in love with. Do you have an A/V system in your home? We would love to hear your favorite parts about the system’s design! Let us know by connecting with us on social media, or by leaving a comment below!

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