How an Audio Video Distribution System Works

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Today the way people experience sound in their homes has evolved by leaps and bounds over the decades. Anyone remember the massive speakers with racks of components that played only music to one-piece systems?  Getting a home entertainment system of high quality, that is easy to operate and provides a 360-degree never ending symphony of music, movies and more is easier than you think!  Audio video distribution allows you to play media that suits a variety of different interests. You can enjoy listening to music anywhere in your home without needing a different sound system in each room. Whether you are entertaining, wanting some peace and quiet in your own space, or grilling outdoors,  each person in the home can broadcast entertainment media that suits their mood. Your husband can be listening to talk radio, while you are streaming John Mayer, and your teen is blaring Justin Bieber through any streaming platform such as Sirius XM, Pandora or Spotify. Audio/video distribution has been around for quite some time now but continues to be tweaked and perfected to provide the best performance.  Easy to use home devices are integrated with audio video distribution giving you control of every room via a touch of a button! Even though audio video distribution systems are high-tech and complex in nature, they are user-friendly and very simple to operate! We are here to help explain how these systems work…


The components that make up audio video distribution

  1. A distribution box (multichannel) which will allow you to connect your devices
  2. Speakers.
  3. Multiple CAT5 cables.
  4. Wall control panels.
  5. Power amplifier.
  6. Remote controls.

How it works

An AV system is a multichannel box that allows you to connect all your audio and video devices into one unit. The audio/video signals are sent from the distribution box and power amplifiers to video speakers and video screens throughout your home using high-quality CAT5 cables. These cables are hidden in the walls so there are no eyesores. Wall control panels allow you to choose the source/channel that you desire to transmit and adjust the volume for each individual room. One programmable master remote gives you control of the system throughout your home. We can make the installation process quick and get your audio/video. For more information please contact Creative Sound & Integration at 480.998.9699 or by email:





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