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  • Leon Speakers

    How an Audio Video Distribution System Works

    Today the way people experience sound in their homes has evolved by leaps and bounds over the decades. Anyone remember the massive speakers with racks of components that played only music to one-piece systems?  Getting a home entertainment system of high quality, that is easy...

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      When it comes to home automation, we often get asked the question: Do you think Android or IPhone applications provide better service in terms of home automation? Tweet

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  • game room man cave

    Man caves, March Madness, Oh My!

    The first March Madness game is right around the corner, and wouldn’t it be ideal to have your own Man Cave to watch it in? Viewing the game on a big screen, reclined in a comfortable leather chair, with a cold beverage in your cup...

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  • SR1 system

    The Best Outdoor Speakers For Your Backyard

    Sonarray SR1 SYSTEM                         If you are looking for crystal clear, quality sound, Sonarray SR1 SYSTEM is the perfect match for your outdoor living area. Tweet

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  • speakers


    Quality sound can make all the difference when listening to music and watching television, especially those action packed movies. Having crystal clear audio and surround sound takes an ordinary experience and transforms it into an extraordinary one.  Tweet

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  • Graff_9165_hdr

    How to Prepare Your House For Summer 2016

    Summer in AZ can be quite unbearable at times with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees!  These temperatures can easily damage your furniture, raise your electricity prices, and leave you feeling miserable. Here is a guide to summer-proofing your home and keeping your cool during those...

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  • Home_auto1

    Keep Your Home Secure With A Home Automation System

      Have you ever left your doors open before leaving your home?  Or maybe you didn’t turn your lights on before you left for an evening out.  We know how worrisome these type of things can be; especially if you can’t go back home!  If...

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  • stone wall

    Creating The Perfect Outdoor Entertainment System

    Not only is the weather absolutely perfect in AZ this time of year but the holidays are just around the corner where family and friends come together to celebrate and what better way to entertain guest than to create the perfect outdoor entertainment system. An...

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  • Entertainment-Room-Plasma-Sports-Room

    Designing the Perfect Multipurpose Room

      Holidays are just around the corner, and what better way to spend quality time with family and entertain guests, than to create the perfect multipurpose room. This room will not only provide fun and excitement for everyone, it will also allow you to retreat...

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  • home automation

    Keep Calm, Cool, and Collected with Home Automation

    The Arizona heat is brutal and can be very draining. It is not unusual to reach triple digits on a daily basis in August. So how do you stay cool, calm, and collected in the blazing heat of AZ?  We constantly hear our customers rave...

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