CES 2014: Samsung Planning on Making a Splash

CES Samsung Smart Home

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) began on Tuesday, January 7th, and ran through Friday the 10th. This event is a global tradeshow of consumer technologies and electronics that takes place once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Major companies and industry professionals come to the show to display and discuss new products and technologies. This year, one of the most buzzed about products that is going to be on display is Samsung’s new smart home technology.


Samsung is looking to connect multiple smart devices in order to produce a smart home that can be controlled from anywhere the homeowner may be. Currently Samsung is planning on only supporting their own products with this system, at least until they can develop a way to involve third-party electronics. As the technology is first introduced and utilized, Samsung decided that their smart homes are only going to have three main features:  “Device Control”, “Home View”, and “Smart Customer Service”.


Device Control allows users to access any devices in their home, from washing machines to air conditioning, and control them through an app that can be downloaded onto smartphones or tablets. This gives homeowners the ability to control virtually every aspect of their home whether they are physically there or not.


Home View is an added source of home security. It allows users to be able to monitor what is going on at their house through their smartphones by accessing live feeds from cameras that are installed into the home.


Smart Customer Service gives homeowners a heads up when one of their devices needs to be fixed, cleaned, or maintenance by simply sending an alert, via the app, to their smartphone or tablet.


This smart home technology is sure to be one of the hottest topics at CES 2014. We would love to hear your thoughts about what Samsung is trying to do. We would also like to hear if there are any other new products set to be on display at CES and what you think about them. Let us know via Facebook or Twitter, or through the comments below!

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