CES Show: Ultra HD Television

At this year’s CES show in Las Vegas there were plenty of technology gadgets to boast about. The product we’re most intrigued with is the “Ultra HD” television also referred to as “4K” for its approximately 4 million pixels of horizontal resolution. That is quadruple of the current HD resolution allowing for great detail but also makes for an exceedingly expensive price point – $20,000 to be exact for an 84 inch LG set.

However it could be closer to $6,000 for an upcoming 55-inch model that will be revealed here shortly. Experts claim that there would be little point to make the 4k much smaller; given the fact that you already can’t see the individual pixels on most medium size television screens. One downside of the 4k is that there wouldn’t be too much content to watch, thanks to the lack of pre-ordered discs or satellite channels to watch.  It’s rumored that an upcoming 4k movie download service will be revealed soon but will require far more bandwidth.

Would you purchase the Ultra HD television for your home?

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