Quality sound can make all the difference when listening to music and watching television, especially those action packed movies. Having crystal clear audio and surround sound takes an ordinary experience and transforms it into an extraordinary one.  This is why choosing the best speakers and properly configuring them is critical for your home theater room.  This can be somewhat daunting, however, if you didn’t inherit that high-tech gene and don’t have much experience in the home theater market. Many times, we see people get enticed by promotions or brand names.  Don’t be deceived by creative advertising. You could end up wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars for equipment that isn’t right for your room or is sub-standard in quality. Take time to do some homework and know your options.

In order to make the best decision that meets your personal needs, it’s important to know the right questions to ask. First, start off with the basics:

  • What are the dimensions of your theater room?
  • What type of speakers do you prefer? Wall mounted or stand alone?
  • What quantity and type of speakers will give you the sound you are looking for?

How to find the best speakers to fit your needs:

  •  As stated above, don’t be fooled by advertising. Don’t automatically go for the best packaged deal offered by brand name manufacturers.
  • Test before you buy: You’ll be shocked by the difference in sound quality and characteristics of different speakers. Test out different systems to see what you like best before making a final decision.
  • Don’t forget to test the center and side channel speakers as well. These speakers are often forgotten but are important because they produce the mid and high range frequency sounds.
  • Sizing: Pick the correct size for your home theater or entertainment room. You may want to consider larger speakers. Even though they take up more space, they tend to deliver higher quality sound. Dividing your speakers into multiple sections will also give you that larger than life sound.

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