Cloth Curtains, A Thing of the Past?

Will Cloth Curtains be a thing of the past?

Smart film

Will cloth curtains be a thing of the past? Probably not… However they may become simply a piece of décor in your house rather than a necessity. Shutters on the other hand, they may become a thing of the past all together. Why? Introducing Smart Film; a Wi-Fi controlled film that turns from light to dark on your demand!

Introduced at CES 2013 by Opulis, this nifty new invention could indeed not only change the curtain industry but also the window industry as well. As this product becomes more affordable, it will more than likely become standard in all windows within the next five years as a cheaper alternative to a similar product already on the market now.

Smart film is easy as pie and certainly easier than measuring for curtains, drilling in screws, making sure its level and so on. Simply cut these film sheets to size, peel off the adhesive, and apply to the window. Voila! You have shaded windows at a touch of your smart phone!

So what’s the down fall? There are two. It still isn’t affordable for the average folk and in the “Transparent mode” it is still not completely see through.  Reports say that there is a noticeable haze (about 7 percent) which not only affects the view but also the brightness of your room. But on the up side, if you don’t mind less light and blurry windows, it can help you keep the heat out and the cool air in!

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