Comcast’s New Dynamic Light Bulb

Comcast home theater lighting


Imagine if you were watching a movie in your home theater, and on the screen there is a huge explosion of lights. It may look really cool on the screen itself, but what if that outburst of lights could come to your theater room? It may seem tough to grasp the idea of that being remotely possible, however, the cable TV provider, Comcast, may have provided the unthinkable.


Recently, Comcast has announced a partnership with Orsam Sylvania to produce smart light bulbs. Comcast has developed a specific technology that allows for these types of light bulbs to provide effects according to the action that is going on in the movie or television show that is being watched.  Take a second to truly digest that. No longer would the action only be on the screen, but it would come to life in your room. Another additional feature that comes with these smart bulbs are that they can be turned on and off through the use of a smartphone or tablet. With the rapidly developing technologies in home automation, this feature would be extremely important to the users. That does not mention the fact that allowing for these light bulbs to be automation compatible would significantly enhance the energy efficiency of your room.


Currently, the plan is to make these smart bulbs available to Comcast subscribers only.  Also, they are firstly focusing on creating the lights for normal living room TV use. As the lights are continually developed and worked on, designs built specifically to fit home theaters would most likely be created.


The development of these light bulbs would be a huge advancement in home theater lighting. The next time that you are watching a movie and see the flashing lights of a police car, an explosion of drastic measures, or a simple sunrise, think about how cool it would be if those lights could come to your theater room. Do you think that you would purchase these smart bulbs? We would love to know via Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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