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Why is Crestron so amazing? In a world full of technology at your finger tips where our cars have the latest gadgets, your phone is more high tech then a 3 year old laptop, and a band around your wrist monitors your health, why wouldn’t you want your house to be tech-packed too? Crestron turns your house into a easily controlled, tech-packed abode; all with a touch of your favorite smartphone or tablet.

How? Through the power of simplistic user friendly interfaced app showing different “Scenes”.

Scene 1: Awake

When your alarm goes off in the morning, just push awake and the lights in your room will turn on to the perfect brightness. No more angry sleeping (or was sleeping) spouses! Have a TV in your bathroom? You can set that to turn on to your favorite channel, oh and don’t forget about the heated bathroom floor, that turns on too!

Scene 2: Away

Are you normally the last one out of the house? Just press the away scene and everything you use to have to do one at a time will all happen at once. All your lights will turn off including any TV’s or music, your thermostat will lower to your preferred temperature, the alarm system will be set, all the doors will lock, and your motorized shades will continue to move through out the day depending on the sun position. Imagine all the time you would save!

Scene 3: Home

Even before you arrive home, you can press the Home scene and your house will welcome you back. Your doors will unlock, the temperature will go back to your preferred setting and your TV in the kitchen will already have the news on.

Scene 4: Watch

Want to watch a movie? Just hit the watch button and your lights will automatically dim to 30%, the shades will lower and your TV will pop on ready to be watched.

Scene 5: Listen

Set different kinds of music to automatically play in your choice of rooms when you hit this button. Too loud during a dinner party? Simply change the volume from your phone!

Scene 6: Goodnight

Similar to the “Away Scene” when you are ready to go to bed, instead of having to get out of your bed and make sure everything is in order, simply hit Goodnight and all of your doors lock, shades go down, lights turn off  and your temperature lowers.


Are you convinced you need a smart house now? Let us know! Creative Sound & Integration is a client-focused provider of superior quality residential audio/video systems, lighting control, home theater and home automation. Utilizing state-of-the-art yet user-friendly technologies, we transfer homes into exciting, functional entertainment environments designed for ease of use. Let Creative Sound and Integration simplify your life; give us a call today for your free consultation 480.998.9699.


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