Crestron Pyng is Here!

Introducing Crestron Pyng

The Only App That IS the Home Automation System


The much anticipated, groundbreaking, easy-to-use home automation app is finally here! Crestron Pyng made its debut last month and is already transforming the home automation industry. Pyng is the only home automation app on the market that enables complete setup and control right from an iPad.  With Crestron Pyng, home automation setup can be completed within minutes and requires no computer programming. Is it too good to be true? No, it’s better than we ever expected. Last month at the2014 CEDIA expo, our team got a firsthand experience and it exceeded our expectations tenfold.

What is special about Crestron Pyng?


In the early years of home technology, home automation systems required extensive computer programming and were controlled through a wall counsel.  Eventually, as smartphones became a part of everyday life, app add-ons were created to make home control more convenient. However, these apps were limited and tweaks to automatic functions required professional programming. With Crestron Pyng, the app is the home automation system. Homeowners can now change what they may right from their iPad, without any programming required.

What to Expect With Pyng


100% Control After Initial Setup.  To ensure proper function and complete testing, the initial setup of Pyng will require a home technology professional.  After that, it’s all you! Pyng is so easy to use, anyone can modify settings or create new scenes from the intuitive app.

Modify And Create New Scenes In Minutes. Pyng is so user friendly, not only is it easy to make changes, it can be accomplished in the matter of minutes.

Complete Integration Between Home Functions. Not only can you control every aspect of your home, all of these functions work together creating the most intelligent smart home on the market. Lights, shades, door locks, thermostats and security systems have the ability to “talk” to each other creating a


more enjoyable and secure experience.

Real Time Previews Eliminate Guess Work. Pyng allows users to walk from room to room and set up all the functions in real time. For example, as you adjust a lighting scene, your lights dim in real time so you can get that perfect setting.ther creating a more enjoyable and secure experience.

Quickly Switch Between Home Controls. Pyng’s app was designed to allow quick control in the least amount of steps. A Home control bar is always visible at the bottom of the app allowing Homeowners to quickly switch between shades, door locks, security, lights and all other enabled functions.

Accident Proof. Add-on home automation apps used to be intimidating because users feared messing up their system which would require professional assistance. Pyng stores all settings automatically in the cloud allowing for an undo setting as well as a restore option.  

No New Equipment Required. Pyng can integrate with existing Crestron technology including DigitalMedia, distributed audio and much more. Contrarily, any new Crestron technology can be easily added to the Crestron Pyng system in just a few touches. 

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About the Author

Doug Greenwald founded Creative Sound and Integration with his business partner Ed Moreeau in 2001. Since then Creative Sound and Integration has been a leader in the home automation industry providing their customers with superior technology and customer service.