Designing the Perfect Multipurpose Room


Holidays are just around the corner, and what better way to spend quality time with family and entertain guests, than to create the perfect multipurpose room. This room will not only provide fun and excitement for everyone, it will also allow you to retreat from the mayhem of everyday life. Every home deserves a space dedicated to entertainment, whether it’s for hosting a party or simply unwinding from a hectic day.
When creating an entertainment room, make a checklist in descending order, prioritizing your must haves first! What are the most important features to include your media room? In most cases, multipurpose rooms will be composed of seating, television/video screens, lighting, speakers, gaming, and a bar. Here are some tips and tricks to consider to ensure that you achieve the ultimate entertainment room:

1) Location

Where you place your multipurpose room is very important. You should choose a room where there is enough space for seating that has few closets, doors, and windows.  You will also need to be able to access video and audio content from many sources. To learn more about the important factors to consider when planning the location of you entertainment room click here.
where to place your home theater

2) Your Budget

Creating a budget up front allows you to know what you can afford, allowing you to prioritize your budget accordingly. You do not want to get halfway into the project and find out you have run out of funds.
budget on home theater

3) Design/Layout

Imagine what you want your room to look like. This is the fun part where you can use your imagination and be creative. If you need some inspiration, look online and decide what you do or don’t like about the design elements of others’ multipurpose rooms. You can incorporate the things you like into your design. This is why blueprints are very important. You always want to plan and layout your room before investing in equipment and furniture. You can place games, billboards, a poster of movies, bar décor etc. For more décor inspiration, read our blog here
 theater room layout

4) TV Size and Location

When choosing your television, keep in mind the size of your room. The placement of the furniture is key to ensure that  there is sufficient distance from the TV. If you have a small room, you will want to have a smaller TV due to the fact that the seating will be closer in proximity. If you want a large screen, you need to have the room to place the furniture farther from the screen. You also need to take into consideration where your windows are located. If your window is on the west or east side you should place your TV/projector on the opposing wall. For daytime viewing, you will need to get shades. We recommend Creston for quiet, sleek, motorized shades.
theater room

5) Comfortable seating

Movies are just not the same without comfortable seating. Quality seating is just as important as the look of the room.  We offer seating  that has different viewing positions, back heights, armrests, and accessories to ensure you the utmost comfort for your viewing pleasure.
theater seatingseats for home theater

6) Wiring System

A wired system will always outperform wireless when it comes to sound quality, and this is simply why wirelesses connections are not an option when it comes to high-end systems. You want to be sure you have quality wiring that delivers exceptional sound. You also want to be sure that the wiring is installed properly for safety reasons. We can provide a safe wired system that looks clean and organized and delivers superior sound.
 wiring system for home theater
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Creative Sound and Integration at  480.998.9699 for more information!

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