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  • Savant smart home

    Why a Savant Smart Home is Right for You

      At times, life can be constantly busy and stressful. Whether you have to rush off in the morning for work or get the kids ready to go to school, there are many situations that can cause anyone to forget to do the simplest things...

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  • Savant Home Automation

    3 Ways Savant Home Automation Aligns Life and Home

      Home automation at its full value is, in simplest terms, a tool to help create a more enjoyable home experience. This can happen through the efficiency benefits that help to save money, special features that are not obtainable in normal homes, and much more....

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  • Crestron Pyng is Here!

    Crestron Pyng is Here!

    Introducing Crestron Pyng The Only App That IS the Home Automation System   The much anticipated, groundbreaking, easy-to-use home automation app is finally here! Crestron Pyng made its debut last month and is already transforming the home automation industry. Pyng is the only home automation...

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  • Theater2

    Home Theater Sound Isolation & Kinetics

    One of the most common things people worry about when considering a home theater is the concern with noise. Without knowing all of the facts, this is a very valid apprehension to have about installing a home theater. NOT TO WORRY! We are already one...

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  • home automation benefits

    Home Automation benefits

    Home automation is everywhere, whether you are aware of it or not. Little by little, homes have become more parallel to automation functions in order to enhance the lives of those who are living in the homes. Although home automation is becoming more popular in...

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  • home automation technology

    Home Automation Technology: The Future is Bright

    Home automation technology comes in several different shapes and sizes. Whether it is  a lighting control system or motorized shades, home automation functions vary in how they benefit the lives of their consumers. If you do not already have some sort of home automation in your...

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  • home automation products

    Home Automation Products: What To Look For

    Deciding on home automation products to purchase is a very big decision. Many questions may pop into your head about whether or not the items that you are buying are relevant to the needs of your home, worth the price of installation, or even if you will be...

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  • ms

    Back to the Basics: Home Automation Systems

    Every now and again it is important to take a step back and review the basics. In this instance, we will take a basic review of home automation systems. There are several aspects of home automation that many people either do not know about, forget...

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  • Commercial Automation

    Does Commercial Automation Enhance Security?

    How Security is Enhanced with Commercial Automation The protection of your business is one of the biggest responsibilities that every company has. This all starts at where your company is being run. Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes, but regardless of what your...

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  • Mirror TVs

    Mirror TVs: The Two Main Types

    With the way that technology is rapidly advancing, there are virtually no limits to what can be done in the electronic entertainment industry. One of the coolest cutting edge technologies that is relatively new to the industry is the mirror TV. You may be thinking,...

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