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    Home Automation: A Quality Investment For Families

    Over the years, as homes have become smarter and smarter, people have gravitated towards a belief that home automation is only for rich and/or lazy people. What the people who believe this thinking do not know are that in reality, home automation is quite effective...

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    Google Nest | What’s in Store for the Future of you and your Home?

    New home automation technology seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Google acquired the up-and-coming home automation company “Nest” last month for $3.2 billion. Nest is a company that specializes in transforming older and more generic household items, such as smoke detectors, into highly...

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    Going Green with Crestron | Home Automation

    Going green is a goal that many companies are striving to accomplish. Not only does going green positively affect the environment through sustainable actions, but it also helps consumers through several other bi-products such as saving money via saving energy. For consumers, going green with...

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    Top Three Home Automation Apps

    Home automation is becoming more and more mobile every day. No longer can you only control all of the features of your smart home solely through a device mounted on the wall at your house. With the profound success of mobile applications sweeping phones across...

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    iPad Home Automation Systems

    The advancements in the technology for smart homes is ever-changing. More and more emphasis in these homes that are controlled through automation is put on making the entire home wireless. With the popularity of tablets, such as iPads, increasing, this task is becoming more feasible...

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    How Home Automation Can Help You Over the Holidays

      We know that home automation saves money and energy, but there are many other benefits too. Fall is upon us, which means that cooler weather and the holidays are in store. There are two things that are certain to happen during the holiday season,...

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    Savant Home Automation Reviews | Savant vs. Crestron

    Crestron and Savant Home Automation Reviews In today’s high technology centered society, an increasingly popular trend for new home buyers is the installation of home automation systems.  Not only are smart homes being desired for security reasons, but the high-end luxuries of these new systems, such as the...

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    Home Automation systems:Savant

    Creative Sound and Integration is a licensed dealer of Savant, a leading company in home automation systems. Savant is known for their outstanding and flawless home automation technology innovations. Savant not only designs all of their products and systems but also develops and manufactures them...

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    Home Automation: Lighting Control, Motorized Shades, and Audio/Video

    Home Automation is a system that allows you to control your home with a touch of your smart phone or tablet. Home Automation is a group of individual options that work together to make your home life easier and more convenient. Some of those include:...

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    What is Home Networking

    How can home networking benefit you and your family? Imagine sharing files without having to open a email. Or sharing that Beatles album with your son without burning a CD!

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