Home Automation: Lighting Control, Motorized Shades, and Audio/Video


Home Automation is a system that allows you to control your home with a touch of your smart phone or tablet. Home Automation is a group of individual options that work together to make your home life easier and more convenient. Some of those include: Audio & Video, Lighting Control, and Motorized Shades. Today I will be giving a brief summary of these services and what they include.

Benefits of Audio & Video Home Automation

  1. Easily enjoy beautiful music throughout your home at any time.
  2. Speakers are installed in ceilings throughout your house and rooms.
  3. Route any video to display on any screen in your house.
  4. Program your favorite music to already be on when you arrive home from work.
  5. Program music or TV’s to shut off automatically after a certain hour.
  6. Both video and audio equipment is stored neatly in a designated closet, out of sight.


Benefits of Lighting Control Home Automation

  1. Get rid of ugly light switch panels. Replace with a handsome touch screen keypad.
  2. Light up your home tailored to your different needs by programming and saving different occasions. For example: entertainment, movie night or house party.
  3. Turn all of the lights off in your home when going to bed by simply pushing the “good night” programmed button. Imagine not having to get up from bed when you remember you left the light on downstairs!
  4. The convenience of controlling your lights from your iPhone makes going on vacation better! Turn on and off your lights to appear that people are there, or, simply program your system to turn the lights on at night and off after a certain time!

Motorized Shades

  1. Motorized shades save you money by lowering automatically with the sun.
  2. Block out radiation from the sun, keeping your house cool during the summer months.
  3. Keep warm air in during the winter months.
  4. Manage your shades with the touch of your favorite smartphone or tablet.


What part of home automation do you think would be the most useful for you and your family? We would love to hear from you!

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