Common Home Theater Equipment


There is a lot that goes in to creating a quality home theater. Several different parts need to be purchased and installed properly, or else the rest of the theater will not function in the ways that it needs to.  Here is a look at some of the most common pieces of home theater equipment to help you understand how a home theater works!


One of the first pieces of home theater equipment a theater will need in order to function is a receiver. Home theater receivers are essentially what control the audio and video for the room. Theater receivers process the audio and video signals, and send them to the proper place. This is what allows the audio and video to be synchronized and work efficiently.


The home theater receiver would have no effect if it did not have somewhere to send the signals to. This is what the speakers and subwoofers are for. Speakers act as what the audio is sent through, while subwoofers are what enhance the audio and background noises.

Media Players

A home theater wouldn’t be a home theater if you couldn’t watch movies on it! There are a couple of different options when it comes to how you play your videos in your theater. If your home is complete with home automation, you can access your movie from your favorite smart device. If you do not, a media player is your next best option.

TV/Projector Screen

While media players can sometimes be overlooked when planning your theater, there is one piece of home theater equipment that is never overlooked: TV or projector screen. The size of the theater will help to determine which kind of TV you will need to purchase. For smaller theaters, different forms of HDTV’s can be mounted on a wall. For larger theaters, there are various types of projector screens that work as high definition televisions, but allow for the theater to feel more like a public theater.

Theater Seating

Another type of equipment that is in every theater is a pretty simple one; theater seating. Theater seating can come in many different shapes and sizes. Seating can be in the form of anything from individual chairs to couch style. Seating should be selected in a manner that enhances the theme and experience of the theater.

There are several different types of home theater equipment that goes in to making a home theater exactly what it is. Other than these general types of equipment, there are additionally items that help with room isolation, acoustics, and cosmetics.

If you have questions about any type of home theater equipment, regardless of size or importance, let us know and we can help!

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