Home Theater Sound Isolation & Kinetics

One of the most common things people worry about when considering a home theater is the concern with noise. Without knowing all of the facts, this is a very valid apprehension to have about installing a home theater.

NOT TO WORRY! We are already one step ahead of you!

Here at Creative Sound and Integration, we use very reliable products from Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. to help install a sound proof room with no noise bleed coming in or out, and YES, that includes that awesome but very loud bass.

In order to ensure your home theater is the quietest place in your home, we build a “room within a room” complete with Kinetics technology. Without Kinetics, having a sound proof home theater with no noise bleed would be impossible. This might seem a little confusing, so let’s take a look at what it means!


What do we mean by building a room within a room? We mean exactly what it sounds like; we build  four new walls, a ceiling and a floor using several products from Kinetics to attach your new home theater room to the existing room. For the top of the room, we use ceiling hangers that suspend from the ceiling and are secured to the framing of the new room. Whether the new framing is wood or metal, we can customize to your needs.

Home Theater Sound Isolation: Celing Hangers


When creating the floor of your theater, Kinetics provides two options that can help: a wood floating system or a rubber cushion system. The floating system provides a few inches of airspace between the new floor and the existing floor of your home. If you decide to go with the rubber system, this installed underneath your current flooring to provide a sound-eliminating cushion.

Home Theater Isolation: Floating Floor


Your home theater noise control wouldn’t be complete unless you worked on the walls as well.  Wall clips are one of the best methods of sound removal for home theaters. Wall clips attach the current room framing with the new home theater framing to help prevent noise vibrations from leaving the room.

Home Theater Isolation: Wall Clips

Sound isolation is vastly important for new home theater owners. No one wants a new home theater that can unintentionally be heard throughout the entire house. If you still have more questions on sound isolation, you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter, or visit the website of Kinetics Noise Control!

About the Author

Doug Greenwald founded Creative Sound and Integration with his business partner Ed Moreeau in 2001. Since then Creative Sound and Integration has been a leader in the home automation industry providing their customers with superior technology and customer service.