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  • How to Decorate a Home Theater Room

    How to Decorate A Home Theater

    Home Theater Decor: So many options to make it your own! A home theater without movie accessories is an incomplete production! Liven up your dedicated theater room, multipurpose home theater, entertainment room, man cave, even your own diva den by showing off your personality through your...

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  • Home Theater trends for 2015

    2015 Home Theater Trends

    Somehow, every year the developers of digital technology, seem to reinvent the wheel. Well, not actually, but given the chance I bet they could. The advancement of home entertainment technology year to year is mind-boggling and this year is no different. Here’s some food for...

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  • Home Theater Features

    Make Life Easier in 2015 With These Home Theater Features

    The New Year is here and with that comes many resolutions and goals! One resolution that is seen quite often is the goal to make the home a happier, more relaxing place. Home theater technology can make this happen! Home theater features come with many...

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  • Home Theater Equipment

    Common Home Theater Equipment

    There is a lot that goes in to creating a quality home theater. Several different parts need to be purchased and installed properly, or else the rest of the theater will not function in the ways that it needs to.  Here is a look at...

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  • Home Theater Installation

    Home Theater Installation Process

    There are many different forms of entertainment rooms that one can have in their home. One of the trendy types of rooms that people are installing in their homes are home theaters. Home theaters have many different benefits that they bring to a home; however,...

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  • Home Theater Sound

    Three Important Aspects of Home Theater Sound

    There are several factors that go into creating a quality home theater. Everything from seating to lighting needs to be given special attention in order for the room to operate effectively. Home theater sound is no different. A high quality and properly installed sound system...

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  • Featureimage

    Three Trendy Home Theater Ideas

    When researching the different types of home theaters that are available to build into your home, you may conclude that there are several different themes, styles, and types that are widely available to create. Each theater has its own feel to it, which is why...

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  • Home Theater Design

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Theater Design

    When working on a home theater design, there are several good and bad things that one needs to give proper attention to. By staying aware and on top of these aspects throughout the project, not only will the experience of developing the home theater go...

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  • Home Theater Mistakes

    3 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Home Theater

    One of the most exciting aspects of installing a home theater is the process of designing it. The beauty in this process is that you can personalize your theater to meet any specific needs that you want to be filled. However, at the same time,...

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  • Home Theater

    5 Ways to Make Your Home Theater More Like a Real Theater

    The best part about a home theater is the experience that occurs whenever you watch a film. One way to enhance this experience is to create similarities between your home theater and real public theaters. These similarities can bring a feel to your theater that people...

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