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  • LED light bulb

    Comcast’s New Dynamic Light Bulb

      Imagine if you were watching a movie in your home theater, and on the screen there is a huge explosion of lights. It may look really cool on the screen itself, but what if that outburst of lights could come to your theater room?...

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  • theater_light-brown

    What to Consider When Buying Home Theater Seating

    One of the most crucial decisions that a home theater consumer has to make when designing his or her theater is the seating. From the outside, seating may look like a very simple and quick decision to make. In reality, however, there are many different...

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  • fiber-optic-ceiling-newdelhi

    Must Have Features of Home Theater Lights

    Picture this. Your friend invites you over to his or her house on the weekend to see your favorite movie of all-time in their home theater. The excitement builds for this activity as the days go by, and by the time you get to your...

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  • audio video design

    Why Home Theaters are Better than Public Theaters

    Home theaters are becoming increasingly popular. With the development of newer high-end home theater equipment, the prestige that comes with going to a movie theater on the weekend is beginning to decline. While there are some special benefits that come with going out on the...

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  • home-theater

    Customizing your own Home Theater

    Everyone has their own unique skill set in life. Some people are born with the talent and ability to play professional football, others are gifted in the area of teaching, and then there are those who have the extensive knowledge of how to build a...

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    Top Things to Consider for your Home Theater

      Deciding to put in a home theater or media room into your home is a big decision. Home theaters are a wonderful gathering place for both family and friends. Although home theaters can be a bit pricey, it is better to do it right...

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  • projector

    The Long History of Today’s Modern Home Theater

    The home theater in the wide sense of the word has come a long way since the early inventions that made TV and home theaters a possibility. From refracted light from a telescope, to an at-home black and white television, to a full-fledged home theater...

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  • marvelphasetwolarge3

    Iron Man Three

    Have you gone and seen Iron Man 3 yet? If you haven’t you are missing out.  Iron Man 3 has already proven to be the most successful and highest grossing of the Iron Man series. As of May 7th, 2013 it has already grossed $196,699,091...

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  • fiber-optic-ceiling-newdelhi

    Ceiling Stars: Fiber Optics

    Neither fiber optic cables or single strand filaments are better then one another. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Learn the difference here!

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  • Home Automation

    What Can Creative Sound and Integration Do For You?

    Many homes in the United States are starting be become more integrated with technology, making things easy to control with a touch of your smart device! See what you can do today!

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