How to Decorate A Home Theater

Home Theater Decor: So many options to make it your own!

How to Decorate a Home Theater Room

A home theater without movie accessories is an incomplete production! Liven up your dedicated theater room, multipurpose home theater, entertainment room, man cave, even your own diva den by showing off your personality through your movie room décor.

Movie Theater Décor Ideas: The Full Picture

Display your favorite vintage movie posters in bulb light framing or keep you guests smiling with witty novelty signs. Get your own fully loaded concession stand stalked with your favorite candy, beverages, and your own personal popcorn machine because movies just don’t seem as fun without your favorite snacks! Set the ambiance with dim lighting features or suspended lighting from the ceiling or sidewalls.

Along with the decorations, it’s always fun and entertaining to add some games. This way you have something for everyone to do, whether it’s darts, air hockey, foosball, table tennis or a poker table. You could also add a gaming system with video game simulation seats for the ultimate experience. Games can also add visual appeal to the room! Below are some of our customer’s favorite picks for Home Theater decor!

Popcorn Machines

Home Theater popcorn Machine

Paragon Antique Popcorn Machine

When it comes to viewing a movie, the experience just doesn’t seem complete without a bowl of popcorn! There is a variety of popcorn machines you can choose from, such as contemporary and sleek to a historic and retro. You can also choose from many different designs, including tabletop, freestanding, and cart-top wheeled models in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Having a popcorn machine not only will satisfy your cravings, but it is a great way to add an element of fun by means of home theater decor!

Movie Posters

Movie Posters for Home Theaters

Chaselite Reflections Series by Bass Industries

Movie posters are a fun decor item because they allow you to showcase your favorite movies and add character to the room. Give your theater a true movie look by adding classic marquee-style lighted framing or keep it simple with snap frames. Snap frames allow you to switch out posters rather easily and protect them from scratches, creases, and tears. This allows you an easy way to change up your home theater decor when you need a change of scenary.

Wall Décor

Ticket Wall Decor

Ticket Wall Decor (Mirror/acrylic) by Bass Industries

Wall décor is an easy way to spruce up you home movie theater or entertainment room. There are many different options when choosing wall déco. Some of these include: novelty signs, clocks, old theater reels, neon signs, paintings, wall murals and so much more! You can also choose to customize your home theater decor wall art, such as placing your last name on an item. Many people choose to stick with a theme and color scheme. There are so many creative ways to add character to the room in this way. The possibilities are endless.

Concession Stand

Home Theater Concession Stand

Hardwood Concession Stand by Bass Industries


Popcorn, candy, and beverages are the icing on the cake when it comes to your home theater decor, but you’ll need somewhere to store all these goodies! Many people choose to have a built in bar where they can store and serve food and beverages from. We can also customize an on wall concession stand or vending type machines. Concessions stands can be one of the main focal points in your room and can really tie all your décor together.

Home Theater Lighting


Fiber Optic Ceiling by Creative Sound and Integration

Lighting can really set the mood for your room and accent particular points of interest. Whether you prefer lighting fixtures that are dramatic or barely noticeable, we have a wide range of different styles and design layouts to suit your personal tastes. From in-floor and in-ceiling lighting to stand alone features such as chandeliers and hanging pendant lights. Feeling really inpsired? Try out a fiber optic ceiling for a “beneath the stars” feel.

Game Room

Hollywood style game room sign

Game Room Sign by Bass Industries

Game rooms create a fun way to engage with others and draw people together, whether it’s hanging out with family or entertaining some company.
So why not add a pool table, ice hockey, poker and/or foosball table! Bringing games into a room not only serve an entertainment purpose but make a room look nice! Put the final touches on with some a game room sign!

Home Theater Themes

Some people choose to accent their movie theater or home entertainment rooms with traditional decor or go all out with a theme. We know that our customers have their own unique personalities and favorite fetishes. We can customize a room for the yogi that wants to fell Zen, the sports fanatic, the Disney crazed, and those that quite literally want their own Bat cave. Draw freely on your imagination. Here are some examples:

Sports Stadium

Sports Stadium Theme – BuzzFeed

Home Theater Themes - Under the stars / City

City Under The Stars Theme – BuzzFeed


Sound System Theme – Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed has a whole post about amazing home theater trends! You can see the rest that made this list here:  26 Home Theaters You Wish You Owned

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