iPad Home Automation Systems

iPad Home Automation

The advancements in the technology for smart homes is ever-changing. More and more emphasis in these homes that are controlled through automation is put on making the entire home wireless. With the popularity of tablets, such as iPads, increasing, this task is becoming more feasible by the second. Here is a look at how these iPad home automation systems are helping to create easier use in many aspects of the common smart home.

 1.    Lighting Control

Having the ability to control all of the lights that are both inside and outside of your home at the click of a button is a large benefit of having your home automation system compatible with an iPad. IPad systems allow for people to control their lights on-the-go, whether they are traveling on vacation, or are just running late to work and don’t have the time to run through the house and turn off all of the lights. Instead of having a mounted device to control your lights, iPads allow for much more customization to your own personal time schedule and life.

2.    Motorized Shades

Much like lighting control, iPads can help benefit your motorized shade system in the same general way. By having a mobile device that you can carry with you anywhere, you will not have to worry about forgetting to shut the blinds because if you do so, then you can just shut them from wherever you are. Additionally, the shades in your home can sometimes be harder to manually open and close because of their location in your house. No longer will you have struggle to reach the tall blinds, instead just swipe your iPad on and the shades that haven’t been open in years will finally have life again!

3.    Cutting Costs

Most importantly, iPad home automation systems can help you cut down your costs and save money! By maneuvering your automation features through your iPad, you will be able to manage what specific times these features will be on, eliminating wasted electricity. Furthermore, if you have an iPad, then you can possibly remove the costs of installing a mounted control device.


Overall, there are many benefits of having a home automation system that can be controlled through an iPad. With the technology for both home automation and iPads improving every day, there will surely be more and more available to accomplish with these systems as time passes. We would love to know if you have any experience with iPad-controlled home automation systems! Share these experiences with us in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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Doug Greenwald founded Creative Sound and Integration with his business partner Ed Moreeau in 2001. Since then Creative Sound and Integration has been a leader in the home automation industry providing their customers with superior technology and customer service.