Leon Speakers vs. Paradigm Speakers


Leon Speakers

The need and desire for quality speakers in the home is at an all-time high. Whether you want speakers to accompany an audio system for musical entertainment, television, or a home theater, the importance of high quality speakers is always stressed. Due to the various ways that speakers can be used today, there are several companies that specialize in making speakers different ways and for different purposes. Two of the most highly-regarded speaker companies today are Leon and Paradigm. Here is a comparison of Leon speakers versus Paradigm speakers and a little bit regarding what these two companies are all about!


Leon Speakers

What are they?

Leon has a very distinct message that they want to get across to all of their consumers and potential consumers: they bring art to audio. Leon prides themselves on making every product from scratch, customized specifically for each individual customer. If you purchase Leon speakers, your purchase will receive its own special attention. Leon strives to be innovative in bringing stylish design to every speaker that they make. These speakers will be created, designed, and finished in a way that will fit perfectly with the style of your home, specifically in the room that these speakers will be used in.


Where should they be utilized?

Leon speakers are best utilized in an area in the home such as a living room. Because of the fact they are made from scratch and customized for each individual purchase, these speakers go best in rooms, like living rooms, that have a theme or specific style to it. Leon wants to be able to match the style of the room through a custom, clean look. Oftentimes these speakers will be designed with such precision that they blend in with the room so well that you might not even notice them being there.


What is the Leon app?

One thing that Leon has done in order to give people more insight into how their speakers work, and where they should be placed, is by creating a mobile app for the iPad. The app is initially targeted at professional audio/video integrators with the purpose of helping them know the best ways, and different types of spaces, to places their speakers. The app also comes with an ability to save your own projects as well as see galleries of other projects utilizing their speakers.


Paradigm Speakers

What are they?

Paradigm also prides themselves in being innovated and producing and providing top-notch quality speakers. Paradigm has been one of the most popular and successful speaker companies since its inception in the early 1980s. Paradigm manufactures and designs their own loudspeakers and subwoofers. These speakers are mainly targeted at people who have home theaters. Through Paradigm, you can bring public theater audio quality into your own personal home theater.


What are the benefits?

Two of the biggest benefits of Paradigm are their reliability and their ability to enhance home theater audio quality. As we mentioned above, Paradigm was created in the early 1980s. For over thirty years, this company has been reliable in creating speakers that are consistently rated at the top of all companies for audio quality. Additionally, their speakers are most frequently used in home theaters, providing consumers with some of the best quality available for these types of rooms. Not all speaker manufacturers can develop speakers that bring the same quality to a home theater as they do to smaller rooms, but Paradigm definitely does.

Both Leon speakers and Paradigm speakers offer distinct advantages that not many other speaker manufacturers have the ability to. The next time you are considering upgrading the audio system in your home, whether it be for a living room or home theater, we suggest taking a look into the options available from both of these companies. If you have any other questions regarding the abilities of both of these companies, we would love to help! Send us your questions in the comments section below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!


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