Man caves, March Madness, Oh My!

The first March Madness game is right around the corner, and wouldn’t it be ideal to have your own Man Cave to watch it in? Viewing the game on a big screen, reclined in a comfortable leather chair, with a cold beverage in your cup holder doesn’t sound too shabby right?! If you’re looking for the ultimate viewing experience here are the top 5 essentials to help you gear up for the perfect March Madness season:

1) Setup- First things first. Where will you bestow your manly man cave? You will probably want to pick somewhere that is semi-private, away from the main family room, or separated from the house altogether such as a guest house, the basement, or  an attic.

For example:

An area that is usually used for storage, such as a basement or attic, can be turned into the ultimate man cave allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of a crazy work day or a spot to get together with your buddies. This basement is perfect for watching the March madness games. You can add a large viewing area, pool table and fully stocked bar to name just a few things.

CS mancave


2) Bar area- Did someone say fully stocked bar?! Having a fully stocked bar, beverages, and snacks to satisfy your cravings, will make this a popular hangout. You might want to make it feel as if you’re watching the game at one of your favorite sports bars with a draft keg line or wine room. 

bar man cave


3) Décor-  Décor aka dud-tastic style. This is what suits you and your personal style. Don’t let your significant other influence you. Let your man flag fly because let’s face it this is probably one of the few places where you can go all out. So say no to the pastels and flower arrangements and rock your macho man style out! Need some inspiration…


beer lighting



sign man cavePC:


game room man cave

PC: Vining Design Associates

 4) Chairs-  Kick back and relax. Movies are just not the same without comfortable seating. Quality seating is just as important as the look of the room.  In a man cave scenario, comfort is held as the first priority in most cases but having comfortable yet stylish chairs is always a bonus. Why not have both when it’s accessible! Check out a variety of seating options with different viewing positions, back heights, armrests, and accessories to ensure you the utmost comfort for your viewing pleasure here 

seating man cavePC:

5)TV and Sound quality- Saving the best for last. To have the ultimate game experience picture quality and audio are key components. Make sure you do your homework before making a purchase. This way you to get the best quality for your dollar, learn more here!

A wired system will always outperform wireless when it comes to sound quality, and this is simply why wirelesses connections are not an option when it comes to high-end systems. You want to be sure you have quality wiring that delivers exceptional sound. You also want to be sure that the wiring is installed properly for safety reasons. We provide safely wired systems that are clean and organized and delivers superior sound. To learn more about wired systems click here.

TV for man cave

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