Mirror TVs: The Two Main Types

Mirror TVs

With the way that technology is rapidly advancing, there are virtually no limits to what can be done in the electronic entertainment industry. One of the coolest cutting edge technologies that is relatively new to the industry is the mirror TV. You may be thinking, “Is that what I think it is?” Yes! Mirror TVs are televisions that are inside of the mirror, allowing you to look at the mirror and watch TV at the same time. Here is a look at the two main types of mirror TVs on the market.

Vanishing TV Mirrors

The main difference between vanishing TV mirrors and non-vanishing TV mirrors is what happens after view is done and the TV is shut off. Vanishing TVs are special because after the TV is turned off, there is no trace or evidence that there was a TV in the mirror in the first place. That allows for vanishing TV mirrors to be used essentially anywhere in the house. These TVs are just as much for decoration as they are for television.

Non-Vanishing TV Mirrors

As we mentioned earlier, non-vanishing TV mirrors are different from vanishing mirrors in the fact that after the television is turned off, it does not totally disappear from the mirror. Rather than disappearing, these TVs reduce in size on the mirror and this small version of the TV is then displayed in one of the corners of the mirror. Because of this, these mirrors are generally more popular in areas of the home where there are not many guests. One of the best spots for non-vanishing TV mirrors is in a master bathroom. A lot of time is spent in the master bathroom by you and/or your spouse however there will be very few outside visitors.

There are not too many products in the entertainment industry that are as multi-dimensional as mirror TVs. If you were to put a mirror TV in your home, which of these two kinds would you go with? We would love to read your responses in the comments below or via our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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