Motorized Blackout Shades: Functionality vs. Design

motorized blackout shades

Motorized blackout shades are some of the most unique types of shade systems that are on the market today. These shades have some very effective functional purposes, however due to this, many people assume that the design and style of the shades suffer. While every motorized blackout shade is similar in their functional achievement, each one has the opportunity to differ in color, fabric style, and design pattern. In order to dispel the myth that motorized blackout shades are one dimensional, here is a look at their functionality versus design!



The biggest reason why people purchase motorized blackout shades are due to their functional purposes. These shade systems were created with the main purpose of being able to significantly darken rooms. This darkening allows home owners to efficiently save money in their home. Due to the ability to fully exclude the outside light into the home, the rooms that these shades are employed in can remain significantly cooler than a room with normal shades in it. Additionally, a motorized blackout shade system will not allow heat to escape the room during the cooler months. Either way, these types of shades will reduce the amount that an AC unit will have to work to warm up or cool down a home, ultimately saving money for the home owners.



Design of motorized blackout shades gets called into question by many when considering these shades as an option for their home. Many people hear the word “blackout” and come to the conclusion that these shades are always going to be one big plain sheet of a dark color. Yes, the darker the style of shades that you buy, the more effective they will be in their functional purposes. However, not all of these shades have to be black or really dark. If a pure “blackout” styled shade does not fit well with the design of your room, then room darkening shades are available. These shades are generally various different colors on the lighter end of the color scheme and can significantly darken rooms.

The next time you are in the market for motorized blackout shades, it is important to think about both the design and the functionality. If you care more about being energy efficient in your home, pure blackout shades will work best. If you want similar functional benefits on a lesser scale, and shade design is more important, then a lighter blackout or room darkening shade would be best for you! Which style do you think you fit your home best? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts!

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