Three Reasons to Buy Motorized Shades for your Home


motorized shades

There are many different types of automated features that can be installed in any home these days. Most often when people think about these features, they begin by looking at audio, video, and other extremely popular types of automation. However, one that often gets lost in the shuffle, but is equally important and helpful, are motorized shades! These shade systems offer several different functional benefits and can be useful and effective in any home that has one. Here is a look at three of the best reasons considering motorized shades is a must for your home.

Reduce Energy Usage

One of the main reasons home owners purchase functional enhancement products for their home is to save money and reduce costs in any way possible. Motorized shades is no exception to this desire. Shade systems are not only a nifty automated gadget that home owners can show off to all of their friends and family, these systems can drastically reduce energy usage of a home. This in turn will lower the energy costs by greatly reducing air conditioning and heat costs. Through utilizing special features such as automatic timers, shade systems can open and close depending on the position of the sun. In the winter, this allows the heat to stay in, and in the summer, the heat to stay out. With the installation of one of these systems, you will most likely notice a lower energy bill following the installation.

Easy To Use

The first motive for many people to be apprehensive about upgrading the automated technology in their homes is the fear of not understanding how to properly utilize the piece of equipment. Fortunately, motorized shades are extremely easy to use. Almost any shade system that you install in your home will come with the ability to be operated through a mobile phone on a simple to understand app. This can come extremely handy when you are out of town or plainly forget close the shades! Additionally, these systems generally come with touch screen control devices that can be used for operation. These control devices contain a very understandable interface that can be mastered very quickly.

Customizable Look

Although saving money and the easy to use system are both extremely beneficial aspects of motorized shades, there is no doubt that any home owner ultimately  wants the shades to look well in their home prior to making any sort of purchase. Luckily enough, shade systems fit the bill. Not only are there many customizable colors and patterns and fabrics to choose from, there are also various types of systems themselves such as draper tracks or roman shades. Rather than taking a chance on the shades and hoping that they will look okay in your home, you can customize your system to fit the ambiance of your home to a tee!

When making a purchase of any kind, consumers generally evaluate three main aspects of the product in question. “In what ways does it specifically benefit and enhance my life?” “Am I going to be able to know all of the ins and outs of the product and easily understand how to operate it?” And finally, “How does it look?” As you can see, motorized shades have an answer for each of these questions. The next time you are thinking about purchasing a motorized shade system, think about these three questions and how the system in being evaluated can answer each one of them! Do you already have automated shades in your home? We would love to hear your thoughts about your system and what your favorite aspect of it is! In order to do this, simply leave us a comment in the section below, or get in touch with use through our Facebook or Twitter pages!


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