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  • motorized blackout shades

    Motorized Blackout Shades: Functionality vs. Design

    Motorized blackout shades are some of the most unique types of shade systems that are on the market today. These shades have some very effective functional purposes, however due to this, many people assume that the design and style of the shades suffer. While every...

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  • The Best Home Motorized Window Shades

    The Best Home Motorized Window Shades

    There are many different types of motorized window shades that are available for consumers to purchase for their homes. While this is great in the sense that it provides homeowners with the ability to find a type of motorized window shade that will be the...

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  • motorized skylight shades

    Benefits of Motorized Skylight Shades

    Motorized shade systems come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. One of the most distinct types of these systems are motorized skylight shades. Motorized skylight shades provide several benefits that are applicable to any home that they are installed in. If you are thinking...

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  • motorized shades

    Three Reasons to Buy Motorized Shades for your Home

      There are many different types of automated features that can be installed in any home these days. Most often when people think about these features, they begin by looking at audio, video, and other extremely popular types of automation. However, one that often gets...

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  • motorized shade systems

    4 Best Motorized Shade Systems

    When thinking about updating the shades at your home from normal shades to motorized shades, you are going to have plenty of decisions to make. Which style will fit your home the best? Which color is going to look the best in each room? Should...

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  • Savant IPAD

    iPad Home Automation Systems

    The advancements in the technology for smart homes is ever-changing. More and more emphasis in these homes that are controlled through automation is put on making the entire home wireless. With the popularity of tablets, such as iPads, increasing, this task is becoming more feasible...

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  • shades

    Home Automation: Lighting Control, Motorized Shades, and Audio/Video

    Home Automation is a system that allows you to control your home with a touch of your smart phone or tablet. Home Automation is a group of individual options that work together to make your home life easier and more convenient. Some of those include:...

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  • Cloth Curtains, A Thing of the Past?

    Cloth Curtains, A Thing of the Past?

    Will Cloth Curtains be a thing of the past? Will cloth curtains be a thing of the past? Probably not… However they may become simply a piece of décor in your house rather than a necessity. Shutters on the other hand, they may become a...

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  • Home Automation

    What Can Creative Sound and Integration Do For You?

    Many homes in the United States are starting be become more integrated with technology, making things easy to control with a touch of your smart device! See what you can do today!

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  • Home Automation

    Crestron: A Leading Provider for Automation

    In a world full of technology at your finger tips where our cars have the latest gadgets, your phone is more high tech then a 3 year old laptop, and a band around your wrist monitors your health, why wouldn't you want your house to be tech-packed too? Crestron turns your house into a easily controlled, tech-packed abode; all with a touch of your favorite smartphone or tablet.

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