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    Understanding Home Automation and What it Can do For You


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    The Top Ten Dazzling Benefits of Motorized Shades for Arizona Homes

      For the majority of the year, Arizona homes are drenched in the sun from a variety of different angles. To protect your valuable interior, many homes owners have installed versatile, luxurious motorized window shade systems.   The latest in motorized window shade technology, which can...

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    Where to Place Your Home Theater Room

    The first step is deciding whether you want an entertainment room or a dedicated movie theater room. An entertainment room is a multi-purpose space that is usually configured with cozy seating, games, bar area, a large flat screen TV or multiple TV’s. This is a...

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    Wired Vs Wireless Surround Sound Systems

    To Wire or Not to Wire? That is the question. If you are looking for a high quality, reliable system, then wiring is your answer! Wireless may be very popular because of its convenience, but a wired connection is much more secure, dependable and ensures higher...

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  • How to Decorate a Home Theater Room

    How to Decorate A Home Theater

    Home Theater Decor: So many options to make it your own! A home theater without movie accessories is an incomplete production! Liven up your dedicated theater room, multipurpose home theater, entertainment room, man cave, even your own diva den by showing off your personality through your...

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  • Home Theater trends for 2015

    2015 Home Theater Trends

    Somehow, every year the developers of digital technology, seem to reinvent the wheel. Well, not actually, but given the chance I bet they could. The advancement of home entertainment technology year to year is mind-boggling and this year is no different. Here’s some food for...

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  • Wearable Technology

    Smart Homes of the Future: How Wearables Will Shape the Future of our Smart Homes

    Wearable technologies and smart homes. These are two of the fastest rising trends in the world right now. Both wearables and home automation allow for users to receive specific benefits in relation to the products that they have. For example, smart watches do not only...

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  • Home Theater Features

    Make Life Easier in 2015 With These Home Theater Features

    The New Year is here and with that comes many resolutions and goals! One resolution that is seen quite often is the goal to make the home a happier, more relaxing place. Home theater technology can make this happen! Home theater features come with many...

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  • Lutron Caseta Wireless

    5 Reasons You’ll Love Lutron Caseta

    Automated lighting control. This is one of the most helpful and purposeful types of automation that every home can enjoy. When searching for the right lighting control company to go with, you will find that the options are numerous. However, it is important to do...

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  • Holiday Traditions

    Making New Family Traditions for the Holidays

      The holiday season is best for being able to spend time with friends and family. One of the best ways to spend and enjoy time together with these loved ones are through creating new holiday traditions. These traditions can be big or small, as...

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