How to Prepare Your House For Summer 2016

Summer in AZ can be quite unbearable at times with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees!  These temperatures can easily damage your furniture, raise your electricity prices, and leave you feeling miserable. Here is a guide to summer-proofing your home and keeping your cool during those hot summer months.

1) Outdoor entertainment system: Create an outdoor entertainment area to entertain family and friends this year. Some favorites we see are TVs placed under armada areas with a bbq station, furniture patio, speakers, and misters to escape the AZ sun. We also see a lot of poolside TVs where you can enjoy your favorite show or movie while cooling off and relaxing in the pool.

outdoor tv 1

2)   Audio- Place speakers throughout your house both indoors and outdoors that blend perfectly throughout your home. This enhances the sound tremendously whether you are playing music or a movie.

Outdoor speaker

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3) Lighting control- You can see bills jump in price tremendously in AZ during the summer. Lighting control allows you to save energy along with many other benefits such as….



  • Programmability: Easily program your lights to automatically switch on at specific times of the day or depending on the amount of sunlight. This is great for outdoor lights, pool lights, hallway lights etc.
  • Eco-Friendly: Lighting control systems by nature help cut down on emission carbon footprints due to its efficiency and dimming abilities
  • Savings: Between having 24-hour control of your lighting system, longer bulb life due to dimming abilities and all of the automated light programming options, the potential for energy savings is huge!
  • Security: Your lighting control system can act as an addition to your home security system and can even sync to the sound of your alarm. Motion sensors can trigger your lights to turn on, flash or do any function you desire. Lighting control is great for when you travel. Set your lights to turn on and off periodically throughout the day and evening to appear as if you were home.

4)  Motorized shades- Did you know that the average household spends hundreds of extra dollars on energy? By Investing in motorized shades, you can protect your furniture from the blazing heat but also lower your air conditioning bill.  Motorized shades can also offer you….


  • Convenience: If your home has a lot of large windows, manually opening and closing blinds and/or drapes can be a hassle. Motorized window shades that are tied into a control system allow you to raise and lower them at the touch of a button. Or better yet, set them to open and close on a schedule that you define.
  • Security: When the shades open and close at various times of the day, it appears that someone is home, even though you might be out of town. You can set the control system to operate your blinds and lights to operate on a varied schedule, giving your home a lived-in appearance. This makes your home safer.
  • Energy Savings: Using shades help prevent heat from passing through the windowpanes on a hot, sunny days, which can put your air conditioner in overdrive. Shades will save you from those high utility bills during the summer months.
  • Furniture Protection- Sunlight can cause your furniture to fade and fabrics to break down over time. Having window shades, can help prolong the life of your furniture.
  • Simplicity- Motorized shades offer ease-of-use and elegance. You can open several windows at the same time and speed, while maintaining perfect alignment. No more hanging chords that can become entangled. You simply push a button and… Presto, your shades and or drapes are open or closed.

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