3 Ways Savant Home Automation Aligns Life and Home

 Savant Home Automation

Home automation at its full value is, in simplest terms, a tool to help create a more enjoyable home experience. This can happen through the efficiency benefits that help to save money, special features that are not obtainable in normal homes, and much more. One of the best companies that offers this lifestyle is Savant. Savant home automation systems are extremely effective because they can synchronize and align your life and your house together, while being efficient in all aspects. Here are three ways how Savant automation systems make this happen.


Lighting is one of the biggest factors on your energy bill every month. Often times lights unknowingly stay on throughout the day or night, having plenty of time to use up electricity and increase the bill. One of the most efficient features of Savant home automation is the ability to have lights in your home only turn on when you are in a room, and turn off once you leave! In the long run, this can save quite a bit of money. However, once the Sun goes down, the inside of any home can get dark pretty quickly. Savant automation systems can also dim the lights on at this time throughout the house once it realizes that the outside light is not going to be enough.


Saving money through Savant home automation systems is important, but as we mentioned earlier these systems are a great way of synching your lifestyle and your home together. Automated shades are one of the most successful ways at making this happen. For example, if you generally wake up around 630 in the morning, the shades can be set on a timer to open at that time allowing the Sun to illuminate throughout the house. At the same time, if you want to provide added privacy, as well as an ability to either retain heat or keep the heat out, you can set your shades to close whenever you leave the house.

The Savant App

In today’s world, seemingly everyone is constantly utilizing some sort of mobile device, whether it is a cell phone or a tablet. Savant home automation systems are exclusively connected with Apple and Google to allow for their devices to operate these automation systems utilizing The Savant App. The Savant App is arguably the best way that these automation systems can align your life and house simply because you can control everything with the click of a button on the app. The Savant App allows you to do anything from turning the alarm on to turning on a movie on the TV, and everything in between. Additionally, the app can provide you with notifications if you so please in order to allow you to know what is going on in your home when you are not there. For example, you can set the app to send you a notification whenever someone enters the home. Small notifications like these provide Savant home automation owners with a knowledge that their home is secure at all times. Regardless of what you wish to accomplish with your home automation, The Savant App can help you do so very easily at the tap of a button.

Savant home automation systems provide an extensive amount of benefits that not many other automation companies do. If you are looking for an automation system that can help to harmonize your daily life together with your home, then Savant is a company that is definitely worth checking out. Are you interested in learning more about the benefits that Savant provides, the various automation products that the make, or simply home automation in general? We can help! You can get in touch with us by leaving a question below, connecting with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or calling at 480-998-9699!


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