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  • Samsung

    CES 2014: Samsung Planning on Making a Splash

    The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) began on Tuesday, January 7th, and ran through Friday the 10th. This event is a global tradeshow of consumer technologies and electronics that takes place once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Major companies and industry professionals come to...

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  • Tech Review: iPad Air

    Tech Review: iPad Air

    Earlier this month, Apple made a major announcement in releasing their fifth generation iPad, the iPad Air. Apple’s motivation behind this release was to make a product that was lighter, thinner, and faster than anything out on the market today, and specifically their previous iPad....

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  • cloud1

    The Three Top Technology Trends for 2014

    Business is improving the way that it operates all of the time. With the rapidly increasing developments of technology, some might say that pinpointing the 2014 technology trends in September might be a little difficult; however we are going to try! Here are the three...

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    Apple iPad vs. iPad Mini

    It’s still unclear if the release of the iPad Mini directly caused the slow production for the original iPad however it is safe to assume, say many analysts.

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  • original

    CES Show: Ultra HD Television

    The product we’re most intrigued with is the “Ultra HD” television also referred to as “4K” for its approximately 4 million pixels of horizontal resolution.

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  • ipad-apps4

    Top iPad Apps For 2012

    Many of us depend on them on daily basics and with 2012 coming to a close we’ve accumulated a list of the five best iPad apps. Here are a few apps that will help simplify your life and help you get the most out of your iPad.

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  • 14_30_33_959_file

    Second Generation iPad Mini: Retina Display

    Apple is already hard at work on the second generation iPad mini and it's reported to have a higher resolution display than the current tablet.

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  • la-fi-tn-apple-iphone-dock-connector-20120621-001

    Is Apple Creating An E-Waste Problem?

    When Apple first hit the technology market with its 30-pin iPod port in April 2003- it made for an extremely easy and streamline solution for such a popular gadget.

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  • South-Korea-home-of-future

    South Korea’s Home Of The Future

    A stove that recommends recipes, wallpaper that changes color at the touch of a finger and a table that may just be the world's largest iPod --- it's not science fiction, just the first wave of futuristic homes in South Korea.

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  • creative-sound

    Tech Trends 2012

    Crestron, editor at large talks tech trends at the Crestron Design Showroom in New York City.

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