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Apple iPad Air

Earlier this month, Apple made a major announcement in releasing their fifth generation iPad, the iPad Air. Apple’s motivation behind this release was to make a product that was lighter, thinner, and faster than anything out on the market today, and specifically their previous iPad. As of now, Apple has not released specific sales numbers to date, but has hinted that this iPad has been more successful to date than the fourth generation iPad. Here is a look at the three features that Apple was trying to successfully hit with this new release.


The first aspect of the new iPad that Apple wanted to address was to make it lighter than ever. They did so successfully, as this iPad is 28% lighter than previous generations. In fact, the Air only weighs 1 pound. Being lighter, the iPad Air allows for much easier travel ability. This tablet essentially weighs nothing when carrying it around in your backpack, suitcase, or any other piece luggage.
There is a common trend with all Apple products. With each new release, they try to make their product thinner. Think about it; the first iPods were extremely thick and have progressively thinned out; the first laptops created by Apple followed that same process.  The iPad air is no different. This is by far the thinnest iPad that Apple has released at only 7.5 millimeters thin.

While being lighter and thinner allows for the Air to be much easier transported, the most attractive feature of this iPad is how fast it operates. Apple confronted the speed factor by creating an A7 chip that brings a 64-bit architecture to the tablet. This creates a speed that is up to two times faster than many desktop computers on the market.


Being lighter, thinner, and faster makes this new iPad more desirable than any previous tablet released by Apple. If you have an iPad Air or any other iPad, we would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know via our social media pages like Facebook or Twitter, or comment below!

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