‘The Host’ Book to Movie

If you love sci-fi books and Stephanie Meyer then you probably have read the book ‘The Host’. Stephanie Meyer is famous for her young-adult novel “Twilight”, which has been all the rage within the young-adult crowed for the last few years. ‘The Host’, while still targeted for a younger crowed, is being enjoyed by a wide range of ages with many saying it is much better than “Twilight”.

In theaters now, ‘The Host’ is about an alien invasion on earth and follows a teenage girl named Melanie as her world flips up-side down. The aliens are body-snatchers, snatching the body of earthlings one at a time. These aliens are called “souls” and by nature they are not actually mean spirited creatures. However the only way they can sustain life on earth is to be inserted into the humans, erasing their memory, and fading there consciousness.

Melanie throughout the movie fights these body-snatching aliens and tries her hardest to resist the alien that has inhabited her body so she can save her family and of course- the boy she loves. The story development may surprise you though when Melanie and her alien inside her start to form trust and friendship as they embark on their journey together.

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