The Three Top Technology Trends for 2014

The cloud
Business is improving the way that it operates all of the time. With the rapidly increasing developments of technology, some might say that pinpointing the 2014 technology trends in September might be a little difficult; however we are going to try! Here are the three expected technology trends that we believe are going to continue to develop in the upcoming year.
1. Smartphones
Smartphones today can virtually do just about anything. With the continued creation of new mobile applications, more and more daily responsibilities can be achieved through the click of a button at any place or time on your cell phone. Because of this, smartphones will continue to take over business phone systems. Instead of keeping the entire company on a hardline, more companies are going to revert to these types of smartphone systems. Because of the increasing abilities of these phones, this transition will be a smooth one.
2. Social Media
Social media is going to become more vital to a company’s success in multiple ways. Since Facebook really took off a few years ago, different social media sites have joined the party. Now there are several other different ways to create brand awareness such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. More companies are going to hop on this trend of social media marketing because the value of this type of advertising is going to continue to increase. Target markets are going to continue to be easier accessed through social media and the benefits of social media in business will be more prevalent than ever.
3. The Cloud
Lastly, the cloud is going to become increasingly popular. As the cloud continues to be used and developed, companies are starting to realize that the cloud is just as secure as software storage devices. The ease of use and accessibility will also increase the practice of storing information in the cloud. This will help more companies to reduce costs of keeping data storage devices and allow for easier access in multiple ways such as through smartphones.

With the New Year rapidly approaching, there are sure to be other trends pop up. If there are any trends that you can think of, we would love to hear them in the comments or on our social media sites!

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