Three Reasons Lighting Control Systems are Better

There are many reasons why choosing a lighting control system over your standard on and off switch is better for you, your family and also your home. At Creative Sound and Integration, we can use our expertise and extensive knowledge to design and install the perfect controlled lighting system to fit you and your family’s needs. Here are just three reasons that more and more people are opting in for controlled lighting.

Dimmed Lighting

It is proven that humans are more productive when a room is lit to their preferred brightness and most people prefer dimmed lighting. Traditional on and off light switches do not provide you with the option to adjust the brightness of your environment, leaving you with only two options: on, and off.  Have you ever wanted just a little bit of light but found it frustrating when both your overhead lights and your lamp was just a little bit brighter then you wanted? We have all been there! With a Controlled lighting system, this problem could be a thing of the past, with a push of a button or a touch of your smart phone, you can automatically set the room to your preferred brightness.

Get Rid of Ugly switch Panels

Traditional on and off switch panels can be a real eye sore and often times ruin the overall décor of the room. With a controlled lighting system you get rid of that ugly row of switches and instead replace them with an elegant lighting keypad. This keypad will allow you to control all of the lights in your house from one place. Already upstairs and forgot to turn something off? Don’t forget, you can control them from your phone too!

Lighting modes make things even easier

With a Controlled lighting system a series of modes that are preset for different occasions are instantly available for quick use. These modes include the following:

  • Wake
  • Away
  • Home
  • Watch
  • Listen
  • Goodnight
To learn more about what each mode entails please see our blog post all about Crestron!
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