The Top Ten Dazzling Benefits of Motorized Shades for Arizona Homes


Motorized Shades

For the majority of the year, Arizona homes are drenched in the sun from a variety of different angles. To protect your valuable interior, many homes owners have installed versatile, luxurious motorized window shade systems.   The latest in motorized window shade technology, which can be added into your smart home mix, offers numerous benefits.  Following is a list of the top ten key dazzling benefits:

1.  Security – Protection

To synchronize with your outside lighting, and discourage burglars, homeowners can employ timers on their motorized window shades.  While home or away, preset timers on motorized shades will raise and lower window treatments and deter intruders who may be preying on your home.

2. Energy Conservation – Going Green

The buzz word these days is “Going Green” and ensuring that you improve a home’s efficiency while maximizing functionality.  Sun exposure can cost homeowners a lot of money.  There are a number of ways to balance energy consumption in your home by insulating your home, tapping into solar energy and installing motorized window shades.

3.  Safety – Child Proof

Child safety is crucial and entanglement from shade cord controls is a reality.  As a homeowner, you can eliminate cords completely by installing motorized window shades throughout your home.  One additional benefit is that the shade system can also be automated via timers to coincide with your child’s sleeping habits.

4.  Protection – Reduced Wear and Tear

The sun’s rays are extremely harsh on the interior of homes.  They can warp hardwood floors, fade furniture and crack precious artwork.  Motorized shades simplify the protection of your valuable interior with the push of a button or preset timers.

5.  Luxury – Convenience

Simply with the push of a button you have full control of motorized window shades throughout your entire home.  Those hard to reach shades aren’t a nuisance anymore.  Talk about a time saver, you don’t even have to move off of the couch.

6.  Ambiance – Mood Lighting

Motorized shades allow you to be creative with the lighting in our home.  Whether you are entertaining, or simply shooting for a romantic evening.  Through the Crestron and Savant app, you can control your motorized shades, set the scene to include optional lighting, incorporate music, and your home theater system.

7.  The Wow Factor – Redecorating

Motorized shades are preferable to manual shades both aesthetically and functionality wise.  Get excited about redecorating, women can research the styles and fabrics and let him research the technology options. Have fun together selecting the ultimate motorized window shades for your window treatments.

8.  Elevated Privacy – Seclusion

Closely situated neighbors or neighbors with a direct view into your home can demand privacy.   Simply hit a switch on the way to your shower or at night if you’re heading to bed early to create immediate privacy.

9.  Increase the Value of Your Home

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular and desirable.  Motorized window shades will not only reduce your energy bill, and simplify your life, it will also make your home more appealing when you get ready to sell.

10.  Fun and Entertaining – Maximize the View!

Motorized shades are so simple to operate and use.  Quick and convenient, now you can catch that optimal sunrise or sunset with the touch of a button.


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