What Can Creative Sound and Integration Do For You?

Home Automation

Here at Creative Sound and Integration, we offer a variety services that can benefit: you, your family and your home.  Our services include; complete Home Automation, Home Theater design and installation, Audio and Video services, Lighting Control and Motorized Shades.  Our mission is to provide these services with the  most intuitive and reliable technology in our industry. Turning your home into an exciting and functional environment. Here is a little bit more about what each of our services entails:

Home Automation

Imagine being able to control your entire home with a touch of a button. Everything from the lights, to the music playing outside you can now control with our Home Automation services. Smart homes are becoming more popular among many US households; we assure you once you have a smart house you wont ever  go back!

Home Theater 

Right from the start our team will help you with the whole home theater process, from design to installation, we are here every step of the way. Our team of home theater designers will help you create a custom home theater, no matter the size, budget or style! Want a Pirates of the Caribbean themed home theater? No problem! Creative Sound and Integration can do it all!

Audio and Video

Wouldn’t you love to have a sound system wired throughout your entire house? Speakers built right into the ceilings and easily controlled from a keypad or your smart device? The best part, everything is neatly stored in an equipment closet, hidden from public view.

Lighting Control

Sick of those huge, ugly switch panels on your walls? Not only is a lighting control system a way to abolish those unappealing switch panels but it also acts as an additional security feature for you and your family.

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades have a long list of benefits. The first being that it can actually save you money on your electric bill! How? With its low voltage, Quiet Motor Technology™ and the ability to track the sun through out the day; lowering the shades when needed and keeping out unnecessary heat!

Ready to turn your home into a house smart? Creative Sound and Integration can help you! Call for your complimentary system evaluation today! 480-998-9699

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