Wired Vs Wireless Surround Sound Systems


To Wire or Not to Wire?

That is the question. If you are looking for a high quality, reliable system, then wiring is your answer! Wireless may be very popular because of its convenience, but a wired connection is much more secure, dependable and ensures higher quality. This is why experts recommend wired connections! You will never have to worry about falling victim to security issues, interference, or range, unlike wireless systems. You will be able to access and enjoy your home system anywhere you desire! A wired system allows you to customize the configuration and design of the audio system. You can also arrange the system to allow you to view various broadcasts at the same time. The primary reason to choose a wired system over wireless is because there is a difference in quality! A wired system will always outperform wireless when it comes to sound quality, and this is simply why wirelesses connections are not an option when it comes to high-end systems!

 How It Works

At Creative Sound, our standard is to provide our customers with the highest quality. This is why we only offer wired systems.

The process:  The amps job is to get a signal from a source and produce the clearest, most precise signal to feed to a speaker. This only happens if you choose to go with a wired system.

What not to do: You do not want to go wireless. The sound, in fancy terms, is demodulated as it is transmitted from the carrier, through the air before it is sent to the speaker. This degrades the signal and makes it impossible to achieve crystal the best sound.

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Creative Sound’s wired system

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