Dedicated Home Theater Rooms

At Creative Sound and Integration we design Dedicated Theater Rooms to cater to your needs and personal lifestyle. Whether you desire a gathering place for family and friends or your own personal get away spot, we can help you create your dream home theater room.


Working With Home Owners

We help simplify the process of creating your home theater by asking and answering all of your questions regarding home theater design, acoustics, equipment selection, lighting, home theater seating, and project budget estimates. If you already have a home theater and need the equipment installed, we can help you with your project. Please contact us with any of your questions. We would love to hear from you.

Working With Builders, Architects, & Interior Designers

With a combined total of more than 40 years experience, the team at Creative Sound & Integration has been working with several of the top home builders, architects, and designers in Arizona to create state of the art home theaters for home owners all across the Phoenix metropolitan area. There are several advantages to working with Creative Sound, some of which include the team of professional designers and installers, our customer service and support after the project is complete, and all of our projects finish on time.

Our Team

Our home theater team are all employees, this includes installers, programmers, theater designers, audio and video technicians, and project managers. This allows our team to cover all details, and create solid plans from start to finish.

On-Time Completion

Our projects are complete at the time the project is projected to be complete. Other home theater installers drag out the process, and are still there several weeks after deadlines. Through working with top home builders, we know our time of completion is important to both the client and builder

24/hr Customer Care

Our clients are our top priority at the end of the day, and we ensure our help is just a call away 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We provide over-the-phone support, and can be on-site to resolve any technical issues when needed. At Creative Sound & Integration, customer service is our top priority.

home theater design

Home Theater Design

Creative Sound will not only help you build your home theater with the proper acoustics, but we will also help you design the perfect movie environment to match your lifestyle. We have years of experience with different themes of theater design. Below are just a few examples:



Matched Home Decor

We do an extensive interview process with our clients to make sure we design the perfect home theater for your lifestyle.

theater isolation

Room Isolation

Movies can get loud, and they should! Hearing a full range of sound is one of the main thrills of the movie-going experience. In order to keep the sound in your theater without disturbing the rest of your home you must first isolate your home theater. To put it simply, isolation is just building a room within a room (floor, walls and a ceiling) and incorporating kinetics noise control products into the structure to help absorb sound and stop noise bleed. When a room is properly isolated, even the loudest bass from movies won't disturb the kids after they have gone to bed, even if their room is above the theater.

theater acoustics

Room Acoustics

We use state of the art equipment to insure your home theater sounds great and you hear surround sound effects you expect. We design your home theater with absorptive and reflective surfaces to control the sound, which allow all levels of audio to heard. Quality sound truly is a process of measurement and strategic placement of all surface areas within a room. Choosing the proper speaker size for the room you are working with is also an important factor in room acoustics. We cover all areas of acoustic principles to ensure your theater brings your movies to life.

Home Theater Equipment Selection

Creative Sound & Integration offers only the best, state of the art, audio and video equipment. We are a proud dealer of many top manufacturers including but not limited to Krell (preamp/processors & amps), Integra (surround receivers), Paradigm (speakers), Stewart (film screens), Sony (displays), Sim2 (projectors)

sim 2


"Honestly, this was the least stressful part of building our home. All of the people at Creative Sound were professional, courteous, helpful, patient, nice, trustworthy and many more adjectives. Your employees work ethic was a pleasant addition to the process also. You have a really good group of men working with you, and you should be really proud of them. The setup that we got has been so enjoyable, and we are so glad we decided to go with your suggestions and have not regretted a minute of it. Now we can't imagine being without all of our neat toys!! Thanks so much for everything!!!"

- Mozelle Miller -

"I would recommend Creative Sound and Integration to anyone looking for an awesome audio/video upgrade in their home or business. They are very professional and knowledgeable about the latest technology. Excellent customer service! "

- Gregg McCall-


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