Multi Purpose Home Theater Rooms

At Creative Sound and Integration we design Multi-Purpose Media Rooms to cater to your needs and personal lifestyle. Whether you desire a gathering place for family and friends or your own personal man-cave to indulge in game-day getaways, we can help you create your dream media room.

Stop Guessing!

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will take the guesswork out of creating the perfect home entertainment room. Whether you are repurposing a bedroom or dedicated home theater or starting from scratch, we have a variety of Multi-Purpose Media Room options that can be customized to fit your budget. Every Multi-Purpose Theater Room should provide extreme comfort, excellent sound, pristine video quality, and a wide range of entertainment options. The result is a true reflection of your own personal style.


Small Rooms

If you have a smaller media room (1,000 cubic feet or less), the amplification needs are much less than that of larger media rooms. However, pristine speaker quality is still a necessity to achieve jaw-dropping entertainment. Companies such as Paradigm have a wide selection of speakers that work very well in both small and large media rooms. Audio systems built by Paradigm are among the top preferred systems throughout the audio/video industry and a favorite for us at Creative Sound. Paradigm is known for their excellent audio engineering that produces high quality sound at any volume and esthetically pleasing designs.

Large Rooms

If you have a large media room (2,000 cubic feet or more), more speakers may be required to achieve the ‘Creative Sound standard’. As you may already know, the more speakers you have or the larger the speakers are, the better your amplification needs to be. At Creative Sound, we consider many sound factors including acoustic structure and adjustments to help match your room with the perfect audio system. Our experienced audio integration team knows what systems work best for your unique environment. We will help guide you through the process of choosing the right equipment your media room.


We deliver quality sound for any size room. Whether your room is small or large, our experienced staff can put together the perfect combination to provide you with movie quality sound the way the director intended it to be heard. Proper sound is key to a multi-purpose theater room. Due to the pure nature of a Multi-Purpose Theater Room, your audio system should be able to handle a range of different audio activities including: videos, movies, gaming systems, and music. Quality sound is a combination of the right speakers, power amplifiers, speaker positioning, soundproof walls, and room acoustics.

We analyze the room isolation, acoustics, cosmetics and package your system to provide the best quality to our customers.


Don’t be fooled by marketing numbers. Creative Sound will help you eliminate the guessing game when deciding between a TV and projector. The choice between having a flat screen TV versus a projector is a matter of personal taste, budget, the purpose of your video/entertainment (movies watching, cable TV streaming, video games), etc, and style of your media room. You’ll need to consider your budget, type, size, and resolution.

Projector or TV? That is the Question!!!


To offer you the highest quality image from a projector and screen, we recommend Stewart (film screens), Sony (projectors), and Sim2 (projectors). Whether you are enjoying a big game with the guys or a quiet movie night with the family, TV projectors are popular due to picture size, quality and experience.


A high-definition plasma or LCD TV tends to offer a crisper, clearer image and may be a better option depending on the purpose and design of your multi-purpose room.

We will be happy to help you better understand the various options and pick out the TV setup that works best for your space and budget.


At Creative Sound and Integration we provide top quality theater seating that allows for a perfect and comfortable viewing and experiences. Being Comfortable is an important part of your media room experience. Movies tend to be two hours long, so comfort is of utmost importance. Seating choices can range from couches and love seats to recliners and in some cases stadium theater seating.


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