Savant's Single App Home 

Say goodbye to your automation programmer and hello to custom control at your fingertips.

Savants new app


Single App Home© is Savant's newest app that allows its system users total control over lighting, security, climate, entertainment and much more right from their beautifully designed and intuitive interface.  

Savant Scenes: Customizing User Experience

Savant's new feature, "Scenes", puts the homeowner in control of their environment at all times. Users can easily program their desired settings for each room, apply it instantly or save it for another time, all without relying on a programmer.

When setting a new scene, homeowners can see their changes take effect in real-time. Once all the details of your environment are set to your liking, users simply hit the "capture" button and Single App Home will save it for future use.

Customized Scheduled Actions

User customization is not limited to single rooms. The Single App Home allows for customization outside of specific rooms such as lowering the house-wide temperature for certain times of the day and turning on or off specific lights at a specific times.

Beautiful and Intuitive control

Single App Home is one of few home automation app that offers complex options while still maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Not only can most actions be completed with very few navigation steps, the app comes with two viewing options to make it even it easier.

Dashboard View

Savant app dashboard view

The beautiful dashboard layout, features a tiled photo display of each room. Each tile gives you realtime updates regarding the status of each system. By using actual pictures of each room, the homeowner can more quickly identify the room that needs adjusting or monitoring.

Room view

savant new app room view

This section of the app is where detailed and complex customization happens, all with a touch of a finger. While room view displays each room, selecting single functions is just as easy. For example: Say the kids are watching a movie in the living room but they want to finish it in the kitchen while you cook. Simply click the appropriate source option, let's say Netflix, and easily direct it to play in the kitchen, all while one hand is stirring the pancake batter.

Interested in Savant's New App? Download it today on the App Store or Google Play and test out the overall flow, look & feel and functionality of the interface before you upgrade.

Call 480.998.9699 for more information on integrating your current Savant System with the Single App Home.



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