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Experience Whole House Audio and Video Distribution

Audio/video distribution was created to simplify your audio visual experience throughout your home. Creative Sound’s Audio/Video distribution systems are stored together in an out-of-sight, central location in your home, typically a utility closet. While there is no direct access to your system from this area, you can control your preferences from a variety of different devices.

  • Touch Screen
  • Tablet
  • Android/Apple Phone

With the touch of your smart device, you can enjoy music, movies and more with seamless control and integration throughout your house. Say goodbye to those ugly cable boxes and wires and say hello to the new clean look of your entertainment space.

Audio Distribution

Audio Distribution: What to expect

With audio distribution you can enjoy listening to music anywhere in your home without having to have a different sound system in each room. Whether you are entertaining, relaxing in the house or lounging by the pool you can listen to anything you wish including your favorite music streaming platform such as Sirius XM, Pandora or Spotify.

Customize your Audio System

Whether you only want speakers in the main areas of the home or throughout the whole house, Creative Sound and Integration’s professional sound engineers will design and install a custom audio system tailored to your needs.

There are two broad categories when it comes to whole house audio systems: single source and multisource. Single Source systems can only play the same music throughout your configured areas whereas multisource systems have the flexibility to assign and transmit different stations to different rooms. Not sure which is best for you? Unless you live alone, Creative Sound and integration always suggests going with a multisource system.

Video Distribution

Video Distribution: What to Expect

Video distribution allows you and your family to enjoy the luxury of accessing various types of media from any TV in your home without having to fiddle around or move DVD players, Apple TV’s, etc.

Imagine being able to start a movie in the living room and finish it in your bedroom without losing your place. With Creative Sound’s custom video distribution system you can simply pause, move and pick-up right where you left off with zero hassle.

Other noteworthy benefits

  • User friendly control interface.
  • Use your Apple TV or DVD player from anywhere in the house without having to move it.
  • Enjoy the clean look of your flatscreen TV without ugly wires or boxes.
  • Consolidate your DVD collection with Kaleidescape – accessible from any room.

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