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Smart homes are designed to not only create a relaxing experience for you and your family, but they are also meant to help create the ultimate entertainment experience for guests. High end home automation systems allow us to program different settings for entertainment purposes specifically such as:

  • Dimming the lights to set a soothing dinner experience.
  • Turn on your favorite dinner playlist.
  • Plan your party scenes for when you have your next get together with friends.

There are endless options, so we can really customize your entertainment experience. 

What’s Included with High End Home Automation Installation and Design?

We utilize state of the art sound system and integration manufacturers to ensure you system is producing the lifestyle you intended. Manufacturers we specialize in include: Crestron, Savant, Sonance, Focal, Marantz, Integra, Krell, and Paradigm. Integrating your home requires many different functionalities in order for everything to come together seamlessly. This may include:

Whole House Audio and Video Distribution

Audio/video distribution was created to simplify your audio-visual experience throughout your home by storing the majority of the equipment in a hidden utility closet. That way all you can see are in-ceiling speakers, floor standing speakers, TVs, projectors, and screens which is a plus for your interior designer.

Other noteworthy benefits:

User friendly control interface.

Use your Apple TV or DVD player from anywhere in the house without having to separate ones in each room

Enjoy the clean look of your flat screen television without ugly wires or boxes.

Touch Screen Remote Control

There is no need for direct access to your system because you can control your system from a variety of different devices including: 

  • Touch Screens
  • Tablets
  • Android/Apple Phones

With the touch of your smart device, you can enjoy music, movies and more with seamless control and integration throughout your house. Say goodbye to those ugly cable boxes and wires and say hello to the new clean look of your entertainment space.

Whole House Audio

With a whole house audio system you can enjoy listening to music anywhere in your home without having to have a different sound system in each room. Whether you are entertaining, relaxing in the house or lounging by the pool you can listen to anything you wish including your favorite music streaming platform such as Sirius XM, Pandora or Spotify.

Video Distribution

Video distribution allows you and your family to enjoy the luxury of accessing various types of media from any television in your home without having to have separate systems in each room.

Imagine being able to start a movie in the living room and finish it in your bedroom without losing your place. With a video distribution system you can simply pause, move and pick-up right where you left off with zero hassle.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control has many benefits for entertainment, easy control and home energy savings. We can program the lighting sensors in your home to automatically turn off when there isn’t any movement in the room to help conserve your energy bill. The lighting system can also be programmed to have different dimmable scenes because the more your dim, the more you’re also saving on your energy consumption. Easily control your home lighting with your touchscreen device for the ultimate lighting control experience. 

Custom Home Automation System Engineering & Design

Smart home automation starts with custom engineering from our experts. Today’s systems are complex and need to be designed to ensure the system is installed properly and is easy to use for our customers. Our design and engineering team has the familiarity and knowledge to bring precision to your project and the ability to translate your technology criteria into a detailed, executable plan. All of our systems are designed and tested in house by our experts.

We begin by obtaining a thorough understanding of the environment you are trying to create. We'll work with you to identify the most reliable products and develop computer enhanced drawings for all system connections, equipment racks and key equipment areas. We understand that on-going communication and documentation are critical in achieving a successful project. If you’re looking for an easy to use system that you can easily entertain guests with, call us today to get started. 

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