Custom Home Theater System Design and Installation Experts

A true home theater experience contains premium sound equipment, automated features, and cosmetic design. Creative Sound and Integration specializes in designing a home theater system that your entire family can enjoy and also utilize for entertaining. 

Our team of experienced home theater system designers in Scottsdale, Arizona, will design your theater from top to bottom. We will work directly with your interior designer or home builder to ensure the cosmetics of the room match the esthetics of your overall home design. Whether you need: theater seating, projector, high end speakers, atmos surround sound; we provide the full solution. 

Custom Home Theater Room Design and Engineering

To have the full cinematic experience, our engineers will work with your interior designer, builder, or architect to develop a room that is acoustically sound. 

Room Isolation

Home Theater Room Isolation Construction

Movies can get loud, and they should! Hearing a full range of sound is one of the main thrills of the movie-going experience. In order to keep the sound in your theater without disturbing the rest of your home you must first isolate your home theater. To put it simply, isolation is just building a room within a room (floor, walls and a ceiling) and incorporating kinetics noise control products into the structure to help absorb sound and stop noise bleed. When a room is properly isolated, even the loudest bass from movies won't disturb the kids after they have gone to bed, even if their room is above the theater.

Room Acoustics

Home Theater Surround Sound Aiming

We use state of the art equipment to insure your home theater sounds great and that you hear the surround sound effects. We design your home theater with absorptive and reflective surfaces to control the sound, which allow all levels of audio to heard. Quality sound truly is a process of measurement and strategic placement of all surface areas within a room. Choosing the proper speaker size for the room you are working with is also an important factor in room acoustics. We cover all areas of acoustic principles to ensure your theater brings your movies to life.

High End Home Theater Systems Use Quality Audio and Video Equipment [h2]

We believe in creating a sound experience that’s memorable for your guests, and something that’s very easy for you to use in your daily life. Our home theaters are designed with high end audio and video equipment that’s normally stored in a dedicated equipment closet. Your theater would be easily controlled with a touchscreen remote that’s programmed to control different options such as:

  • Projector power on and off
  • Shades automatically come down to black out the room
  • Surround sound volume
  • Lights are automatically dimmed

With these specialized features, you really will have a customized cinema experience to your entertainment needs. 

High End Audio and Video Equipment Needed

Premium Home Theater Speakers

High end home theater speakers are needed to create a luxury audio and video experience. We deliver quality sound for any size room. Whether your room is small or large, our experienced staff can put together the perfect combination to provide you with movie quality sound the way the director intended it to be heard. 

There are two main different home theater surround sound types including Dolby Atmos surround sound and Dolby surround. Each system requires in-ceiling speakers, floor standing speakers, subwoofer, and center channel. We provide high end speaker audio equipment from our partners Focal and Paradigm. 

Premium Home Theater Amplifiers

In order to deliver world class sound, you need to amplify your sound with a high end amplifier. Amplifiers help create the 3 dimensional sound experience that takes your breathe away. Our high end Marantz and Integra amplifiers are equipped with wifi, bluetooth, HDMI 2.0a connectivity, 4K ultra HD compatibility, remote app accessibility, etc. We’re proud partners of Marantz and Integra theater amplifiers. 

Quality Projector or TV

In order to provide a fully cinematic experience, the visual component needs to provide the highest quality resolution. The choice between having a flat screen TV versus a projector is a matter of personal taste, budget, the purpose of your video/entertainment (movies watching, cable TV streaming, video games, etc.) and style of your room. You’ll need to consider your budget, type, size, and resolution.

High End Projectors

Sony High End Projector

To offer you the highest quality image from a projector and screen, we recommend Stewart (film screens), Sony (projectors), and Sim2 (projectors). Whether you are enjoying a big game with the guys or a quiet movie night with the family, projectors are popular due to picture size, quality and experience.These projectors feature:

  • 4K upscale digital display that delivers natural image resolution
  • Detail-rich coloring with balanced brightness and contrast
  • Motionflow technology for smooth actions, showcasing every detail without blurring

High Resolution Televisions

Sony Samsung High Resolution Television

A 4K high-definition LED televisions offers a crisper, clearer image and may be a better option depending on the purpose and design of your theater or media room. Also with a television ambient light isn’t as big of a factor as it is with a projector. With the television sizes getting larger televisions tend to be the better solution in a multi-purpose room.

Control System Integration

You have the option to integrate your theater with your home control system. We can program your Crestron or Savant touchscreen remote to have specialized seatings for your home theater lighting, motorized shades, and theater power. These features help create a cinematic experience that your guests will love.

Comfortable Theater Seating

Comfortable Home Theater Seating

We provide top quality theater seating that allows for a perfect and comfortable viewing experience. Being comfortable is an important part of your home theater room experience. Movies tend to be two hours long, so comfort is of utmost importance. Seating choices can range from couches and love seats to recliners and in some cases stadium theater seating.

Start Your Custom Home Theater Today

If you’re currently building a custom home yourself, or invested with a home builder, our experienced engineers and technicians can work with you or your team directly to design a home theater system that meets your needs and budget. Call today and schedule your free consultation at our home theater showroom in Scottsdale. 

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